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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Inspiration for my front cover

This front covers are my inspirations for my indie magazine even though they are not particular indie. I like these front covers because of the effects, colours, layouts, and fonts used. Hopefully after referring back to these front covers i will be taking in consideration the things they have used to make the magazine eye catching and attractive towards their target audience.

Front Cover style models

For my music magazine, I have chosen the genre ‘indie/folk’ as I feel like I would be able to create a magazine connected to this genre. I have chosen two style models from ‘NME’ as I am familiar with this indie magazine. The colour scheme for ‘NME’ is usually very bright and colourful. I have specifically chosen these editions of the magazine because they connect to a part of my genre I have picked. I like how the colours are bright and eye catching on both front covers however the mise en scene for Mumford & sons shows their genre of their music as they are in a field while holding unusual and less common instruments. While the wombats we only get a sense that their music is wild and outgoing by the positions the band is in. I like how the subheadings and main headline can be distinguished from one another by the text size, styles, and colours used. The rival this magazine will most likely be up against is ‘Kerrang’ or ‘Q’ as these are well known music magazines with noticeable individual and unique features.

Target Audience

Name: William Rushford 
William’s consumption habits are chicken, beef, steak, and lamb with vegetables such as sweet corn, parsnips covered in honey, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, and sweet peas. He thinks they are all delicious covered in a thick gravy or not, depending on how he feels that day.
He shops mostly at Topman and Riverisland as he likes his beige, brown, denim, and grey colours. William also dresses casually smart as he mix and matches his jeans and smart pants with ties, shirts, waist coats and T-shirts.
William’s ideal holiday would be Centre parks, Edinburgh, or the Lake District. This is because he likes to sit beside a camp fire and play his guitar or go on long walks to see the beautiful nature views.

Name: Rosette Robson
Rosette’s consumption habits are mostly fruit such as strawberries, cherries, plums, passion fruit, and water melon. On most occasions she snacks on oat bars and cereal bars as she is very health conscious.
She shops mostly as Topshop, Riverisland, and H&M. Rosette wears colours such as mustard yellow, brown, cream, rust, and green. Rosette has a more casual vintage style as she wears skirts and dresses with patterned or plain tights. She likes to also wear woolly jumpers with brogues or brown boots.
Her ideal holiday would be to somewhere she could relax to play her ukulele and go on horse rides or a cycle through the countryside like Devon or Yorkshire Dales. She also loves photography so she will want to take many photos of great natural scenery.                                            
To be able to create my music magazine I will need to know what my specific target audience is. To do this I will be researching who will be buying my product. I am hoping to create my magazine for both male and females aged from 14 – 25. This will be shown through my front cover, contents page, layout, style, and double page spread.