Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Scenario of Plot

Our plot starts with the character P1 who has a dream that she is being hunted down by a hooded figure. Throughout the dream there are instances where P1 comes into contact with the figure. She sees herself being killed in the dream and when she wakes up the dream becomes reality. In the rest of the trailer, we see P1 in different situations where she and the hooded figure again come into contact with one another.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Evaluation of Preliminary Task

Preliminary Task

We were given a preliminary task before creating our horror trailer. This task was to create a short sequence of a chase using digital cameras, tripods, and a range of locations. Firstly we planned our chase by using story boards; this gave us a rough idea of locations we could use around the school which would be suited for a chase as well as camera angles, shots and lighting. For this task I was given the role of one of the actresses in our chase. I believe I was given this role in our group because I felt more confident acting as I had previously studied performance studies in AS level. I was the chaser in our sequence which meant that I had to make sure my facial expressions were kept serious and aggressive as this made the clip more believable and look professional. I thought that my acting skills were okay however they could have been improved as at some points in the filming I was looking on the floor for the person who I was chasing but I knew she was behind the tree so to improve this mistake I could lift my head up and concentrate more on what I should be doing at certain points in the filming.

Friday, 14 October 2011

A2 Media Studies - Video Production

In my A2 media studies, my aim is to create a practical production containing a poster, a magazine front cover and a movie horror trailer. I will be working in a team of four including myself, Olivia Dixon, Hazel Nasho, and Natalie Wood. I have chosen to work with these as I believe they all have a great interest in media production as well as countless ideas for horror trailers and genres. We have decided to create a horror trailer because we believe we have potential to do well in this area rather than a music video. We are also more familiar with horror trailers rather than music videos however we still think this will be challenging as we will want our trailer to look as professional as those on the market today, such as ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘Insidious’.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Monday, 9 May 2011

EVALIUATION - what have you learnt about the technologies throughout the process? and looking back at the preliminary task, what have you learnt?

All my work has been uploaded on to my blog showing the process's i have had to go through to create my magazine. Uploading these indiviual posts has made me into a prosumer. This is because i have created my own technology in the age of web 2.0 with a great amount of potential audience across the internet, who are able to view my blog.

My preliminary task helped me target audiences through much research. this also helped me create a product that could compete with exsiting magazines as apposed to one with a limited niche audience.

EVALUATION - who would be the audience for your media product? and how did you attract/adress your audience?

My Final Product - Post Audience Research
All of these photos are my own photography


Earlier in my blog I have created some character profiles based on who my magazine should be aimed towards. This is the link:

I used closed and open questionnaires to hand out to the rest of my audience who have not featured in my interview or recording videos. I used closed questionnaires for more of a specific answer and i used open questionnaires to allow me to gain more detail answers about my magazine.

My target audience is 13- 35 year old, both male and females as this was the most common age range, which appeared in my initial questionnaire. My magazine is aimed more towards working class, therefore the price of my magazine reflects the audience it is aimed at. I chose to have my magazine at the price of £2.95, after researching other existing products the price ranges were from £2.00 - £3.99. Making my magazine this price will hopefully appeal to the audience and entice them to buy my magazine. Collecting data in different forms has allowed me to receive a variation of answers. These responses have allowed me to make changes to my magazine to make it more attractive towards my audience.

I have exploited the theory of 'Uses and Gratifications' (Blumler and KATZ, 1974) by using an attractive female model on my front cover to appeal to my target audience as well as helping to sell my product. In 1980 Marjorie Ferguson had identified four types of facial expressions in the front cover of British women's magazines. According to these facial expressions, my model's is 'Chocolat Box' as well as 'Invitational'. This is because there is emphasis on my model's eyes, and her mouth is shut with a hint of a smile, and her head is tilted to one side. My features on my front cover suggest uniqueness as well as individuality which refer back to the 'chocolate box' facial expression. By combining both of these facial expressions I have appealed to an audience as my model suggests mischief ot mystery.

EVALUATION - what kind of media institution might distribute your media product?

Looking at some of my style models such as “Q” and “Kerrang”, they have been successfully distributed throughout the years by BAUER who have recently taken over EMAP. With research I found “Q” had been listed under men’s entertainment and with my music magazine having similar features to this magazine I found this would be the category my magazine would fall into.

I think BAUER MEDIA GROUP would distribute my magazine as it has many similarities to the magazines which they already distribute such as having an indie genre however I believe my magazine has those little differences which could make my music magazine very successful in that industry. I think it will fit in well and appealing to both genders however attract more of a female audience rather than the typical male.

EVALUATION - how does your media product represent particular social groups?

My magazine is not aimed at any particular gender however it attracts more of a female audience than male. A sense of equality is shown in my magazine, which is typical of modern music magazines. Many music magazines are bought by males. This is because there are other female-based magazines such as lifestyle and fashion. Now living in a post-modern society, which means that women are stereotypically seen as less to men, as well as showing a broader acceptance of gender.

Through my research there is a great amount of female audience however there is no music magazines particularly aimed at women. On my magazine front cover I have used a female model that is beautiful and young looking however she is not seen as the narrow and stereotypical view of female seen on magazines these days as she is not extremely skinny. This will also not give my female audience or buyer’s insecurities about their body or about not being thin.

My model on my front cover is also not seen as an object because of the conventions of a skinny model being broke, however my magazine though could appeal to the male audience because of the way the model looks therefore enticing them to buy it. I have used a beautiful woman on my front cover, this goes against the conventions of an indie music magazine as they are usually male dominated with many male artists/bands, but I have chosen to make a female artist to be in the spotlight. Indie magazines also focus more on the music they make rather than how they look however I have made the way my model looks seem more important compared to the music.

Development of feature article

Development of contents page

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Example of good and bad photos

This is an example of a bad photo as the lighting is coming from the wrong direct and is not directly on the models face. The model has no direct eye contact with the camera so this will not visually connect to the audience.

This is an example of a good photo as the picture is not dull and there is no shadows upon the models face or body. The model is also giving the audience direct eye contact and she would be easy to cut out as the colours she is wearing contrast from the background in the photo.

These photos are both my own photography, and taken myself.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Inspiration for my front cover

This front covers are my inspirations for my indie magazine even though they are not particular indie. I like these front covers because of the effects, colours, layouts, and fonts used. Hopefully after referring back to these front covers i will be taking in consideration the things they have used to make the magazine eye catching and attractive towards their target audience.

Front Cover style models

For my music magazine, I have chosen the genre ‘indie/folk’ as I feel like I would be able to create a magazine connected to this genre. I have chosen two style models from ‘NME’ as I am familiar with this indie magazine. The colour scheme for ‘NME’ is usually very bright and colourful. I have specifically chosen these editions of the magazine because they connect to a part of my genre I have picked. I like how the colours are bright and eye catching on both front covers however the mise en scene for Mumford & sons shows their genre of their music as they are in a field while holding unusual and less common instruments. While the wombats we only get a sense that their music is wild and outgoing by the positions the band is in. I like how the subheadings and main headline can be distinguished from one another by the text size, styles, and colours used. The rival this magazine will most likely be up against is ‘Kerrang’ or ‘Q’ as these are well known music magazines with noticeable individual and unique features.

Target Audience

Name: William Rushford 
William’s consumption habits are chicken, beef, steak, and lamb with vegetables such as sweet corn, parsnips covered in honey, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, and sweet peas. He thinks they are all delicious covered in a thick gravy or not, depending on how he feels that day.
He shops mostly at Topman and Riverisland as he likes his beige, brown, denim, and grey colours. William also dresses casually smart as he mix and matches his jeans and smart pants with ties, shirts, waist coats and T-shirts.
William’s ideal holiday would be Centre parks, Edinburgh, or the Lake District. This is because he likes to sit beside a camp fire and play his guitar or go on long walks to see the beautiful nature views.

Name: Rosette Robson
Rosette’s consumption habits are mostly fruit such as strawberries, cherries, plums, passion fruit, and water melon. On most occasions she snacks on oat bars and cereal bars as she is very health conscious.
She shops mostly as Topshop, Riverisland, and H&M. Rosette wears colours such as mustard yellow, brown, cream, rust, and green. Rosette has a more casual vintage style as she wears skirts and dresses with patterned or plain tights. She likes to also wear woolly jumpers with brogues or brown boots.
Her ideal holiday would be to somewhere she could relax to play her ukulele and go on horse rides or a cycle through the countryside like Devon or Yorkshire Dales. She also loves photography so she will want to take many photos of great natural scenery.                                            
To be able to create my music magazine I will need to know what my specific target audience is. To do this I will be researching who will be buying my product. I am hoping to create my magazine for both male and females aged from 14 – 25. This will be shown through my front cover, contents page, layout, style, and double page spread.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Flat plan design

This is an idea of what i would like my double page spread to look like as it has a clear layout however is still very creative and unique.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Questionnaire for traget audience

I am doing this questionnaire to collect data about music magazines as it is essential to know what your target audience wants to see or read in it.

  1. Are you male or female?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Do you read music magazines? If not why is this?
  4. What price range are you willing to pay?
  5. How often do you buy a music magazine?
  6. Why do you buy it that frequently?
  7. What type of genre do you like to buy?
  8. What catches your eye when you first see a magazine? Why is this?
  9. What type of stories attracts you to the magazine?
  10. Do you like articles or interviews? Why?

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

What i have learnt

Throughout the making of the front cover and contents page for the school magazine i have learnt many photoshop skills and i feel more confident when using the programme now. I have learnt about the conventions needed for a magazine and have attempted to include them in my own work. The images i have chosen show that i have understood the connotations of photography. I have used many photoshop tools on my main image such as the blur tool and cropping, i feel more fimilaur with the tools and programme now and i am hoping my final AS product will show that.

Contents Page for school magazine

I have kept my colour theme from my front cover of yellow and blue as this shows continuity throughout the magazine. I chose a medium sized image of students studying as this shows the hard work and enthusiasm in Heworth Grange school. I added the titles of cover stories and features to my contents page as this puts the main headline and other stories into different categories so it is easier for the reader to find what they are looking for. My contents page has a simple layout however i think that less is more as it looks more professional.

Front Cover of school magazine

These are my three drafts of my front cover for the school magazine. I started with the colour theme of blue and yellow as Heworth's school logo use these. I then chose topics relevant to school to add on to my front cover while also having photos that connected to the topics. The large image is of a pupil from this school as this is relevant to the genre of my magazine. I wanted my magazine to look professional and authentic as then i would atract more of an audience to read my magazine.


Large image – most magazines have a large image which takes up the majority of the front cover. The image will most likely be of a popular artist as this lets the audience know what type of music genre the magazine is.
Masthead – the masthead is usually big and bold so it stands out to the audience and the colours used are very effective as well as being simple yet eye catching. Some magazines cover up parts of the masthead with the main image however the audience still recognises and identifies the magazine as it very popular.
Selling line – Looking at the selling line it is simple and gets to the point. You get to know what the magazine is about as if you only read the masthead you wouldn’t know it related to music. This also shows the audience the genre of the magazine if it was about something else like gossip.
Main cover line – is very eye catching as bold and outstanding text is used. It keeps a consistent house style with the different colours of the words. Black, white, and red are the main colours of this magazine front cover. The main cover line also usually relates to the main image as they both show the genre of the magazine. The size of the text will also be in larger than the others as this shows it is the main story of the magazine and more important than any of the other stories.
Bar code – a bar code is very commonly been placed on this magazine. They are most likely placed so that they don’t cover any of the main image on the front cover of the magazine. In the space that the bar code covers, it also has the date and the issue number so the audience know where to look for this information.

Bad Photograghy

Good Photograpghy

What makes a good photograph is that the positioning and distance of the model is of the shot you’re looking for E.g. a Medium shot should not show the model below the chest.  The mise en scene is important including lighting, figure, colour, objects, and setting within the framing shot. E.g. If the photo is too dark you won’t be able to see what is on it so the lighting needs to be perfect also if using colours they need to contrast with the background of your photograph so the main object stands out more than the rest. It is critical for a successful print project as if the print project does not look professional or authentic enough then no one will want to buy your magazine or even attract the audience you are aiming it for.

Monday, 17 January 2011

My Media Project

I have created my blog to show my progression made in my media studies AS course. I am going to create a front page and a content page for the school magazine. I have already researched the main conventions of a front cover these are things such as:
  • Images
  • Text
  • Barcode
  • Date
  • Subheadings
  • Price
  • Colour schemes
  • Website
The main conventions content page:
  • Colour scheme
  • Image
  • Text
  • Suitable layout
  • Page numbers
  • Editors collum