Monday, 31 October 2011

Preliminary Task

We were given a preliminary task before creating our horror trailer. This task was to create a short sequence of a chase using digital cameras, tripods, and a range of locations. Firstly we planned our chase by using story boards; this gave us a rough idea of locations we could use around the school which would be suited for a chase as well as camera angles, shots and lighting. For this task I was given the role of one of the actresses in our chase. I believe I was given this role in our group because I felt more confident acting as I had previously studied performance studies in AS level. I was the chaser in our sequence which meant that I had to make sure my facial expressions were kept serious and aggressive as this made the clip more believable and look professional. I thought that my acting skills were okay however they could have been improved as at some points in the filming I was looking on the floor for the person who I was chasing but I knew she was behind the tree so to improve this mistake I could lift my head up and concentrate more on what I should be doing at certain points in the filming.

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