Saturday, 21 April 2012

Evaluation: Audience Responses to Horror Trailer

This links with the theory of Uses and Gratification by McQuail, Blumler and Katz. We have used actresses, which are at a similar age to our audience as this will appeal to the more and may want them to inspire to be like them. We also hope that our audience is into the genre of our film, as they will actively seek out to buy this because it features a world they are interested in. Therefore they want to find out more about this film and discuss it with their friends.  We have also used an attractive female actress to play the main role in our trailer, as this links in with the theory of the American feminist Naomi Wolf. She says that using a sexually attractive female model may appeal more to a wider male audience and entice them to go and view the film more. The theorist Steve Neale has said that the pleasure of popular cinema lies in the process of “difference in repetition”. This links with our trailer and audience responses, as they recognise the familiar feature is the demon being the ‘evil’ character and the unfamiliar element being the soundtrack of the creepy lullaby.

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