Saturday, 21 April 2012

Paranormal Activity 3

This previous released trailer is going to help us create our horror trailer, as it contains typical horror conventions, which appeal to us. These conventions were things such as card texts, and fast paced cuts. This trailer begins with the disruption of the narrative, as the camera flickers showing change to the filming of the two young girls. We also like the camera angles used in this trailer, as they are unusual and show disequilibrium very easily by placing them on an angle. There is also many high angled shots used in this trailer because it represents vulnerability of the character. We want to use daylight to represent the Equilibrium of our story and this trailer has also inspired us to use daylight shots to represents this and then have disorientated transitions to show the disruption in between. The soundtrack used in the Paranormal Activity Trailer is loud and it uses diegetic sounds. We aim to have this in our trailer to make it seem more realistic and scary for the audience.

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