Monday, 9 May 2011

EVALUATION - how does your media product represent particular social groups?

My magazine is not aimed at any particular gender however it attracts more of a female audience than male. A sense of equality is shown in my magazine, which is typical of modern music magazines. Many music magazines are bought by males. This is because there are other female-based magazines such as lifestyle and fashion. Now living in a post-modern society, which means that women are stereotypically seen as less to men, as well as showing a broader acceptance of gender.

Through my research there is a great amount of female audience however there is no music magazines particularly aimed at women. On my magazine front cover I have used a female model that is beautiful and young looking however she is not seen as the narrow and stereotypical view of female seen on magazines these days as she is not extremely skinny. This will also not give my female audience or buyer’s insecurities about their body or about not being thin.

My model on my front cover is also not seen as an object because of the conventions of a skinny model being broke, however my magazine though could appeal to the male audience because of the way the model looks therefore enticing them to buy it. I have used a beautiful woman on my front cover, this goes against the conventions of an indie music magazine as they are usually male dominated with many male artists/bands, but I have chosen to make a female artist to be in the spotlight. Indie magazines also focus more on the music they make rather than how they look however I have made the way my model looks seem more important compared to the music.

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