Monday, 9 May 2011

EVALUATION - who would be the audience for your media product? and how did you attract/adress your audience?

My Final Product - Post Audience Research
All of these photos are my own photography


Earlier in my blog I have created some character profiles based on who my magazine should be aimed towards. This is the link:

I used closed and open questionnaires to hand out to the rest of my audience who have not featured in my interview or recording videos. I used closed questionnaires for more of a specific answer and i used open questionnaires to allow me to gain more detail answers about my magazine.

My target audience is 13- 35 year old, both male and females as this was the most common age range, which appeared in my initial questionnaire. My magazine is aimed more towards working class, therefore the price of my magazine reflects the audience it is aimed at. I chose to have my magazine at the price of £2.95, after researching other existing products the price ranges were from £2.00 - £3.99. Making my magazine this price will hopefully appeal to the audience and entice them to buy my magazine. Collecting data in different forms has allowed me to receive a variation of answers. These responses have allowed me to make changes to my magazine to make it more attractive towards my audience.

I have exploited the theory of 'Uses and Gratifications' (Blumler and KATZ, 1974) by using an attractive female model on my front cover to appeal to my target audience as well as helping to sell my product. In 1980 Marjorie Ferguson had identified four types of facial expressions in the front cover of British women's magazines. According to these facial expressions, my model's is 'Chocolat Box' as well as 'Invitational'. This is because there is emphasis on my model's eyes, and her mouth is shut with a hint of a smile, and her head is tilted to one side. My features on my front cover suggest uniqueness as well as individuality which refer back to the 'chocolate box' facial expression. By combining both of these facial expressions I have appealed to an audience as my model suggests mischief ot mystery.

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